Audi vs. Subaru?

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Both are great cars - I have driven and been under both. You will likely get
a bit more bang for the buck with the subby just because the user is not
going to care about Quattro, handling or performance.

I will say though, this fall my GF and I got a 2005 A4Q 1.8t. We live in
Bellevue, WA - the yuppiest area in the Seattle Metro. Bill Gates lives less
than 5 miles away. We are surrounded by late model BMWs, Mercedes etc. There
are 3 Audi dealers within a 20 mile circle, Audis are not uncommon at all.
All that being said, we have never gotten this many compliments in the
parking lots, at the gas stations and everywhere we go. Our last car was an
'03 Volvo S80, not a shabby ride, never had someone tell me, "cool car!" Get
those responses from random people at least 3-4 times a week with the Audi.

Something to think about if he wants to impress his wife.

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The boss (non car guy) asked me whether he should buy his wife a late model
A4 quattro or Subaru Legacy wagon.  If it were me, I wouldn't consider the
Suby, but on the otherhand, I'm not sure I can recomend the A4.  I'm not
sure I want to hear the "you won't believe how bad the dealer screwed me on
the busted whatsit" every month!

>From my experiences with Audis (7, and looking for #8), you really have to
want some lister is saying, "it's not just a car, it's and

John Cassidy

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