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I haven't had my '96 A6q Avant long, but we've been very happy with it.  It's got 100k miles and seems to be very solid.  It's slow, but I knew that.  It's really just slow from 0mph.  The main contributor being a quick upshift to second gear at about 3 mph.  On the highway, it's similar to other Audis in that it has nice long legs capable of munching many miles and making passes with ease.

No complaints so far.  Oh, and in the snow, many good times can be had by simply shifting to first and steering with the old right boot.

Joel L.
'99 A4 1.8tqm Avant
'96 A6 2.8q Avant
ex '91 90q 20v
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> > Folks 
> > >>>I am considering a 96 A6 to replace der durn daughters late great 93
> > Legend (totalled.)
> > This car has 128K and spent its first four years in FL.
> > It's fwd only (I think) and appears from pics to look excellent (
> > though showing the usual stock jacked up look,) but I have heard the
> > 2.8 autobox is uhmmm slowww, which could be good for her?
> > I could steal parts off it;) 
> > Whaddya men think?
> > Thanks much ... in advance<<<
>       My mother just traded her '97 A6 on a Toyota. The A6 transmission lost 
> 4th gear at 83,000 miles. She wasn't too pleased and swore never to purchase 
> another Audi product. The dealer wanted $3500-$4000 to replace the 
> transmission; Audi wouldn't do anything to help. When it attempted to shift to 4th gear it 
> would just free rev and log numerous trans. codes. The car was probably never 
> driven over 65 MPH. I was also very disappointed in the car, especially since 
> I'm the one who twisted her arm to buy it in the first place. BTW, the Toyota 
> was not my idea. Brian
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