Audi vs. Subaru?

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Thu Dec 23 16:35:20 EST 2004

You can't compare a '90 Legacy (BTDT, about to donate it since
the rules for donation change in '05) to the last generation (gen 3,
they've just intro'd gen 4) Legacy. Gen 1 ('88 - 95) are CHEAP 
little plastic cars (and NO, they aren't maintenance free, I've had
to do brakes, suspension, MULTIPLE wheel bearings and I'm 
donating it because of my Dad's neglect, the final drive is showing
symptoms of a worn or broken tooth, it whines so loud that you 
have to shout over it), servicable, FUN to drive, but definitely 
economy class cars. By Gen 3 (ex GF and Best Friend have 
them) they're pretty competent, solid but somewhat underpowered.
The bank vault feeling and quality of interior materials and paint
isn't up to A4 standards, but they are reliable cars with minimal 
repair costs. The one truely weak point is the clutch (check out
Consumer's Reports, whom recommend the Autobox for that 
reason, AND I believe there is a silent recall for clutch linings, 
heard on CarTalk) which can become juddery even in country
driving (best friend's wife's car has this problem, ex's had the
Autobox). If your boss isn't a car guy, he'd probably be better
off with the Scoob, 'specially if he's thinking autobox and he
doesn't care too much about paint quality. The Scoob is much 
nicer than a straight appliance, but at least in my friend's case,
doesn't have the seem emotional attraction as does his '93
100CSQA or his Passat GLS 4-motion 5sp (yup, the rare one). 
Just don't base opinions on the 2000 through 2004 Legacy's 
on the earlier cars, they're SO much better than that. 

BTDT, considering a replacement Scooby beater to 
keep the Audi's nice...


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> FWIW I just inherited a '90 Legacy wagon.  It's rusty and nasty 
> inside (mom 
> takes good care of her cars, not!) but the motor runs really well 
> and uses 
> no oil at 210k.  The exhaust looks to be mostly stock.  IIRC my dad 
> said he 
> replaced the clutch at 120k.  Motor is dry, ride is acceptable.  
> They're not 
> as nice as recent Audis, but IMO they have that Japanese 
> appliance-like 
> quality that allows one to run it with only scheduled maintenance 
> for a 
> zillion miles.
> Tell him he should wash it at least once every two years though ;)
> Robert
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> >Yikes!
> >
> >The boss (non car guy) asked me whether he should buy his wife a 
> late model
> >A4 quattro or Subaru Legacy wagon.  If it were me, I wouldn't 
> consider the
> >Suby, but on the otherhand, I'm not sure I can recomend the A4.  
> I'm not
> >sure I want to hear the "you won't believe how bad the dealer 
> screwed me on
> >the busted whatsit" every month!
> >
> > >From my experiences with Audis (7, and looking for #8), you 
> really have 
> >to
> >want some lister is saying, "it's not just a car, it's 
> and
> >adventure!"
> >
> >John Cassidy
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