must find a way to get home without fuel regulator:100Q

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Dec 23 21:55:47 EST 2004

> Current to the FPR only warms up the FPR faster than the block would.
> Would tend to run richer for longer if the electrical part didn't
> work or was unplugged. If the mechanical pressure regulation is
> faulty, nothing you do to the electrical part will help. Dealing with
> this on my 200Q, but it's not the same P/N as a N/A 2.3.

Very not the same... it sounds to me like you are describing the warm up
regulator, which of course is not present on the engine in question.  In
the letter you were replying to, FPR meant fuel pump relay, not fuel
pressure regulator.

>> That rings a bell.  I'm not clear on the details, but I believe the
>>  fuel pump relay (FPR) is energized when the key is turned to
>> "start". A bad fuel pump relay would cause a no start condition,
>> but I don't think it would magically work if you push on ...
>> whatever it is you are pushing.  Did you try running the car with a
>> fuse in the FPR?

Why would you do that?  The fuse is only used to set up diagnostics and 
whne adjusting timing - it's not "in" the fuel pump circuit.

Huw Powell

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