Are 1.8T's JUNK????

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Subj:   [vwpassat] Sludge oil problem   
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The dealer put in 5- 30 Castriol that was for the first 40k miles Then I 
used Penzoil 5 - 30 from then on.
I live in the north east just outside of  DC.
Every now and then the Stop engine lite comes on then the oil light. 
There is plenty of oil and the dealer just check the oil pressure. They 
said everything is fine and no problem found.
Sounds like something is clogging the oil pick up. Probably sludge. Even 
VW admits to a sludge problem.
I plan on taking it to a local mechanic  and have him drop the pan. I 
will let you guys know how I make out.
With todays engines and modern oil this should not even be a issue. 
Sludge in the engine is a problem from the seventies. I can't imagine 
where VW went wrong. I suspect the turbo is cooking the oil.
Have a great holiday

gary hradek wrote:

>     If you can show some proof of oil changes it does
>not matter thaty you changed your own oil.   How often
>and what kind of oil did you use and what part of the
>country are you driving?   How does the sludge problem
>appear to you?   Information such as yours is useful
>to all of us.   85k is low milage.
>       regards gary
>--- Nando <spike17128 at> wrote:
>    Gary
>Have not looked at it. I was going to change it at 85K
>based on what Ihave been reading in this newsgroup.
>Now I'm having problems withsludge in the engine. I
>took it to the dealer along with their
>extendedwarranty notice and they told me they would
>not cover it because Ichanged the oil.
>2001 Passat 1.8T
>gary hradek wrote:
>Nando,      Scheduled change is near 100k.   Have you
>lookedat yours to see what it looks like.   It is easy
>toinspect but it is hard to replace.   You have to
>askyour self should you do the waterpump and the
>otherbelts too?   garyMessage: 10           Date: Wed,
>22 Dec 2004 07:50:32 -0500   From: Nando
><spike17128 at>Subject: wanted MANUAL Timing
>belt repairAnyone have a Bentley repair manual for a
>2001 Passat1.8T?I'm going to do a timing belt and any
>hints would beappreciated.Thanks,Nando  

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