are 1.8T's JUNK????

Bob bob at
Fri Dec 24 19:08:02 EST 2004

My 82 year old next door neighbor must be a complete moron then. She 
bought a brand new VW, within 4000 miles it just 'stopped'. dealer said 
it needed a new turbo, oil pump and other misc parts. Did I mention it 
was under 4000 miles? Im not thinking she was doing any stoplight drags 
either and only went out in the daytime when it was dry.  VWoA wouldnt 
cover it, dealer hassled her. she finally basically sold it for scrap. 
That pretty much sold me on that motor. (And VW).


Fkutyba at wrote:

>1.8ts are great engines that can develop a lot of horsepower and be very  
>It pretty much takes a complete blow one up..........  with 
>proper care they will reward you with very many enjoyable miles of  driving
>Fabryce Kutyba
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