are 1.8T's JUNK????

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Hmmmn, Didn't know about the plastic shaft in the water pump. It does sound
a bit cheesy. On the other hand, I am a member of 3Si, 3000GT/Stealth
International, and people on those boards bitch, whine and moan about the
Mitsu water pump all day long. It is all-metal but has been known to seize
up due to corrosion, often before it's scheduled 120k replacement time and
sometime even before 60k... Problem there got so bad that a list member has
got working on an eclectic water pump mod which replaces the pump with a
simple pulley and utilized a battery fed electric pump to circulate water...

I think in general water pumps should be powered by drive belts, but that's
just me...

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I am with you, except for one point.  Water pumps, VW has been using a
plastic shaft impeller for some time, they snap, screw the timing belt.
Don't quote figures to me, my wife works on at an independant VW/Audi shop
and can tell me of atleast 10 timing belt failures in the last 6 months on
cars with less than 50k, all due to water pumps.  This is in Boulder,
Colorado, not a metropolis by any means, or any super concentration of
"lemon" VW/Audis.

I too *like* the 1.8T, but VAG did a good job engineering in some flaws.
Like it or not, VAG has A LONG way to go to hit anything NEAR Honda
reliability.  That said, I wouldn't be caught DEAD driving a honda. ;-)


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Tyson Varosyan said:
> I second that! Being 82 years old, I would not put it past her to have put
> water into the oil hole or something like that. I feel bad for her but the
> story is ether bogus or there are parts left out. If you feel strongly
> about
> it, give me the warranty claim number and I will look up the reason it was
> not covered under warranty.
> That being said, I know of plenty of people that have a 1.8T motor, I do
> myself in an '05 A4. There is no turbo lag to speak of. The engine has
> very
> nice torque, is QUIET, whistles a great tune when under load and shows
> awesome performance for a mere 1.8L displacement.
> Any car will break a timing belt if not serviced in time and any newer car
> will punish you with bent valves. All turbos need more frequent oil
> changes.
> Oil cooled turbos fry the oil that goes through them. As a result oil
> breaks
> down much faster and must be changed. That is a fact of life on any turbo
> car. Yes, owning a performance turbo motor is more headache than a Honduh.
> You want a car to go from A to B, buy a civic. If you can trust yourself
> to
> change oil and belts on time, there is nothing wrong with the 1.8T.
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> How can VWoA not cover it when its a brand new car with 4k miles on it?
> This story sounds fishy.
>> My 82 year old next door neighbor must be a complete moron then. She
>> bought a brand new VW, within 4000 miles it just 'stopped'. dealer said
>> it needed a new turbo, oil pump and other misc parts. Did I mention it
>> was under 4000 miles? Im not thinking she was doing any stoplight drags
>> either and only went out in the daytime when it was dry.  VWoA wouldnt
>> cover it, dealer hassled her. she finally basically sold it for scrap.
>> That pretty much sold me on that motor. (And VW).
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