Bypass valve plumbing pics

Konstantine Bogach kbogach at
Sat Dec 25 00:50:43 EST 2004

Relatively recently someone was asking for examples of bypass valve 
installation.   I have 2 type 44 cars, one  equipped with Euro lights.  
I had to redo plumbing when installed Euros.  I made pics the 
istallation in the car with stock lights - e-mail me for pics.   I will 
make pics of the plumbing with Euros maybe tomorrow.  Your e-mail, if 
interested,  will speed it up.

200tq '89
200tqa '89 (2nd day after rebuilding/changing everything under the 
hood,except engine bottom. Plus, new cushions in the driver seat.  Nice!)
UrS4 '93

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