are 1.8T's JUNK????

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All concerns you have listed below are true for any used car with higher
mileage. Although your concerns are valid, I would simply make a thourogh
pre purchase inspection. Sludge can be checked by removing the valve cover
or draining the oil and using a boroscope to view the inside if the pan
through the oil drain hole. Both not cheap but will save you $$ in the long
run if something were to go wrong.

BTW Audi has a 100,000 mile warranty on the engine against oil sludge. If
there is a failure Audi will replace the engine at no cost.

99 percent of all overhead cam engines made within the past five years will
destroy valves in the event of a timing chain or belt failure. And other
manufacturers have had problems with the idler and waterpump failures, so
Audi is not unique in this respect.

Scott DeWitt
Advanced Automotion
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> > >>The 1.8t is bullet proof.  Any engine will have problems if you ignore
> > the basic >>maintenance items.
>   Not everyone is looking for a NEW B5.  i cannot afford a NEW B5.
> i must look for a USED B5.    and guess what.. not everyone changes their
> every 3000 mi w/ synthetic (especially since the dealer originally
> reccomended oil changed every 10k?!?)
> so.....i am looking at used B5's...and the average new passat/A4 owner
> into vw's/Audis.  most just buy the car because its a nice ride and they
> heard good stuff about it or like the way it looks.    MOST dont keep up
> the oil changes or service. most B5's are doing good if the owner can make
> to jiffy lube once a year.. lots of B5's are lease people care
> maintenance and service on cars that are leased?  nope.   most are
> by professionals who have busy schedules/work/families  and put LOTS of
> on them and dont even think about service.   just put gas in the car and
go. .
>  the 1.8T  is a high maintenance engine.  which 90% of the time doesnt get
> properly maintained..   its not a forgiving engine.   these B5's are
> older..and more miles on them..  and the 1.8T is showing how unforgiving
and high
> maintenence it is..
> so how are buyers looking for used B5's supposed to know if the original
> owner 4 or 5 yrs and 50 thousand miles ago changed their oil every 3k with
> synthetic?   how is a used B5 buyer supposed to know if their bottom end
is full of
> sludge?  or the turbo is about to go?    its a crap shoot.
> the 1.8T may be a reliable engine if you owned the car since new..but...
> looking for a used B5  1.8t????   BEWARE...  this is the opinion i have
> from what ive gleaned on the audi and passat list is that the 2.8L V6 is a
> much more forgiving engine..
> im not knocking 1.8T's.. they can be modded and you can have alot of fun
> them.  but im talking about long term. for the average used B5 that you
> on a used car lot or in the paper..over 50k mi...on the 2nd  owner..
> I dont have alot of money to spend on a B5..but i want one..  the cars
> are in my price range have between 50k and 95k miles on them..   and i
> been seeing alot of scary stuff..   replaced engines..replaced turbos..
> problems that have happened on these 1.8T cars at relatively low mileage..
> just makes me skeptical..
> chris
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