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How about using a pressurized intake manifold to find the vacuum leaks?
You put in pressurized air at 3 PSI . .and look, listen, feel for leaks. You
can use a soapy water solution(dishwashing liquid detergent) to spray around
and look for bubbles.
You can also use a rubber hose as a stethoscope to listen for escaping air
at various places.

The intake manifold and engine is a sealed system. The only free opening is
the fuel regulator sensor plate plenum.
Pressurized air wont get past the valves in the combustion chamber in each
Both valves are never open at the same time . . . unless you have a Hot Rod
for the drag strip.

Sealing the regulator can be simple, or a little more complicated . .depends
if you have that domed screen that sits on top of the regulator plenum.

-------Simple method----------.
Remove the "air bonnet".
If you have the domed screen -
Take a plastic shopping bag, or garbage bag
Place over the regulator screen and down the sides
Replace the "air bonnet"
The intake system is now sealed.

------More complicated Method-------

If you dont have that domed screen, you need to make a plate to support the
plastic sheet so it doesnt burst.
A round piece of thin plywood or plastic or metal should do. A trip to the
junkyard to find a screen might be a good idea.
Place the round piece of wood on top of the plenum, cover with plastic sheet
and put on air bonnet.

Rig something up so you can let in compressed air at 3 PSI into the intake
manifold. Schraeder valve in a hose maybe, with a T you can also hook up a
pressure gauge. You can use a bicycle pump of you dont have a compressor.

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> I did tried with ether andit accelerate but i cant know where is it
> As i said i ll change injectors O rings and intake gasket.
> I ll do the cam cover gasket too.
> So anything around the place where are leak, i ll change gaskets and O
> Denis
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> >Denis
> >
> >Here is a trick to help find vacuum leaks.
> >
> >Mix solvent(carb cleaner) with ATF(auto transmission fluid). I guess a
> >mix should work.
> >
> >Spray this mix around gaskets.
> >When you hit the leak, the engine RPM's should go up . .AND . .you will
> >white smoke out the exhaust.
> >
> >As a test, spray the mix into a vacuum connection just to see what effect
> >has on the exhaust.
> >
> >Disconnect the ISV valve, otherwise you wont notice the RPM changes.
> >
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