Oil 1.8T Sludge WAS: Are 1.8T's JUNK????

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Sun Dec 26 14:34:41 EST 2004

"I suspect the turbo is cooking the oil.  Have a great holiday  Nando."

BINGO:  My guess is the turbo cooks the NON SYNTHETIC oil period.
-Scott from Boston

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> The dealer put in 5- 30 Castriol that was for the first 40k miles Then I 
> used Penzoil 5 - 30 from then on.
> I live in the north east just outside of  DC.
> Every now and then the Stop engine lite comes on then the oil light. 
> There is plenty of oil and the dealer just check the oil pressure. They 
> said everything is fine and no problem found.
> Sounds like something is clogging the oil pick up. Probably sludge. Even 
> VW admits to a sludge problem.
> I plan on taking it to a local mechanic  and have him drop the pan. I 
> will let you guys know how I make out.
> With todays engines and modern oil this should not even be a issue. 
> Sludge in the engine is a problem from the seventies. I can't imagine 
> where VW went wrong. I suspect the turbo is cooking the oil.
> Have a great holiday

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