Heater fan problems

SJ syljay at optonline.net
Mon Dec 27 14:16:37 EST 2004

I do believe that the blower motor electrical connector is easily accessible
. . well, almost easy.

You can connect a voltmeter at this point and observe what happens during a
normal car startup, and driving.

If you get 12 volts there and the blower motor does not run, then you have
the worn out brush syndrome.
Its possible that the brushes make contact when cold, and lose contact after
things get warmed up.

This is easy enough test to isolate the problem to either the motor or the
motor control system.


> From: Zsolt <zsolt1 at telusplanet.net>
> Subject: Re: Heater fan problems
> To: akowalsk at comcast.net (Alex Kowalski), quattro at audifans.com
> Hey Alex. Thanks for the response.
> Yes I know there is a delay, except for defrost mode, and my car seem to
> work fine (with the delay) when I first start it up, however when I shut
> the engine off, the fan will not come back up for a very long time, which
> means for shorter trips around town it doesn't work at all. It doesn't
> to be affected by bumps either. I am wondering if the sensor that makes
> delay is what is broken.
> Zsolt

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