88 5KTQ Fuel pressure issue

jesper moreau jesper5ktqm.audi at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 09:07:54 EST 2004

I have been working with all of you recently with my rebuild issues (
no spark and such)
Well as you all know the "spark issues (frustration mounting)"
submissions turned out triumphant. I am now getting healthy spark to
those super expensive platin plugs of mine and couldn't be happier!

I then submitted reguarding my ongoing "nostart" situation. I am happy
to tell you that after sealing up all of the possible Vac leaks (as
far as i know!!!) I am having a fuel pressure issue.

Several have emailed me reguarding narrowing down the problem by
jumpering the FP Relay and lifting up on the air flow damper after
having placed each injector into a bottle. well, no spray. I thought
crap.... those brand new injectors better not have gotten clogged. so,
I detached the injector lines from the Fuel Dist. and put pressure to
it and to my relief a beautiful conicle spray on each one.

I know I'm not getting fuel because It will kick if I spray ether into
the intake manifold but dies right out

now, my fuel pump worked nicely up to May when i decided to shut her
down to rebuild the engine. and I replaced the tank, fuel pressure
accumulator and its connection lines to tank and fuel line, and the

now 1 thing I am doing today is installing a new fuel filter which I
should have done in the first place. also a new starter (burned out
the old one trying to start the sucker)

1. I'm at a loss. could my return line possibly be clogged..... if it
was would that do anything?
2. It is hard for me to believe my pump is bad... thats $235 bucks as
the best price i could find.
3. Ive read the recent submissions on "fuel pressure regulator issues"
... I don't have a fuel pressure meter to see exactly what pressure I
am getting and where... but I do know it is not enough to push through
the injectors.

I could certainly use some BTDT or guesses as to what my problem might
be. Thank you all so much!!!
Jesper Moreau
'88 5KTQ rocket
'86 5KTQ stock

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