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As a last resort...what about just saying f the antilock and pull the fuse? Brakes will continue to work fine, just without anti-lock properties. Or if you really want to get rid of the car...I'll take it...

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> Bob wrote:
> Im about ready to crush this POS unless someone has any greaet
> suggestions.  its a 98 2.8 with about 80K on it.  This past summer the
> ABS light came on so they took off all the sensors and cleaned the crap
> off them. No help. VAG-COM said "unable to communicate with ABS
> controller" Ok its shot, fine.  Got the upgraded one and installed it,
> bled the system etc. Brakes function but the ABS now kicks in at the
> slightest thing. Even on flat dry <<snip>>
> I concur with Shawn. On my 95 (probably slightly different), I recently replaced all the
> wheel bearings, and while I had all that stuff apart I de-crustified the ABS rings. My ABS
> is much crisper now and the nuisance applications of the ABS have gone away. Mine seemed
> random. Sometime wet, sometimes dry. Was subtle enough for me to question whether it was
> even a problem, but now that I worked on it, it is definitely fixed.
> aside 1) After a thorough clean-up, I also coated the ABS rings with "extend". I am not
> advocating this, just saying what I did.
> aside 2) I had what I thought was a need to get my ABS sensor out in order to replace the
> bearing. Long story short: I broke it. The new one was $215. Mommy.
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