1.8T sludge poll

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Wed Dec 29 10:17:32 EST 2004

On Wed, 29 Dec 2004 08:55:13 -0600, sdewitt at stx.rr.com
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> If I am not mistaken, the warranty is good up to 100K miles for all 1.8T's made up to 02 or 03?

I'm sorry but all this discussion makes me feel like all these people
bitching about this issue are a bunch of whiny bitches.  Audi/VW has
addressed the issue and offered a recall.  Now these people want to
get a class action law suit together to try and bleed more money out

I have put money into my vehicle to maintain it properly.  Yes, this
was doing MORE than what the manual said, but I have sense enough to
read, comprehend and think about what has been a well known automotive
fact for a long time.... you need to change the oil in an engine
regularly (I'll be generous and say every 5k miles).  Some engines
require more attention than others due to varying factors. I change my
A4's oil every 3500 miles on average w/ Mobil1.  Have done so since 5k
miles.  While it was under warranty I paid the dealership to change it
2x between the scheduled 10k service visits.  I always provided the
Mobil1 to them for service visits and the in between visits.  Now that
it is out of warranty, I do it all myself.

I have convinced my dad to start using Mobil1 in his cars all the
time, since the price is right when you buy it at CostCo and do it

I won't be filing out that survey and/or joining a class action law
suit to ask for reimbursement for the expenses I incurred in changing
my oil before the "scheduled" maintenance visits.  I realized that I
*WANTED* to be safe and go against the manual and change my oil more

In fact, I feel that the class action nonsense is a waste of time
because Audi has issued a recall.  I can't see a class like this
getting too far in court since Audi has addressed the issue via a

It shames me sometimes at how ridiculous and litigious of a society we
live in today.

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