Update on lenses

Casting Fool jester at cfnson.com
Thu Dec 30 11:10:46 EST 2004

Not sure if this will get through as I haven't been receiving list posts for
some time.  Waiting on list admin to figure out what's up.

I haven't been able to make any progress on getting things back into
production.  It might be summer before I'm able to resupply and make the new
molds.  I've expanded into another side line and hope it will help to bring
the casting business back into the black (www.watersysop.com).

Stephen, I can send your money back to you.  Please let me know if this is
what you would like, as the production lenses will not be ready before May
at the soonest.  I'm not getting any posts from the list so please respond
directly to my email address.

Really sorry for the mess.

TTFN - Mike Jackson
Casting Fool & Son
Augusta, GA  USA

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