Hitches (was:T44 trailer hitch help needed)

Keith Lawyer LawyerKG at co.laplata.co.us
Thu Dec 30 12:28:30 EST 2004

I got a Class II hitch for *something* for FREE.  I hope to mod it to
fit my Type 85.  No intention of towing a trailer, but I wanna make a
receiver rack of some sort to haul my trash can to the pickup spot at
the end of my road LOL.  I'm thinking 14ga framework, expanded steel
bottom, sheetmetal sides just high enough to keep the can from falling
off, and maybe a hinged sheetmetal door.  :)

I'm sure I'll discard 70% of the free hitch, but it gives me a starting
point and free is free.

Changed subject so I hopefully don't hi-jack the original poster's

Keith L

>>> ben <bwpearre at alumni.princeton.edu> 12/30/04 10:03AM >>>
I put a UHaul hitch on Hyatt.  Works OK, rated to 2800 lbs (can't
remember tongue weight off the top of my head), only takes the smaller
receivers, way too expensive, and prone to rust.  Also, as the exhaust
heats up it expands and the hanger starts rattling against the
hitch---sounds like cutting sheet steel with a circular saw.  My
mechanic made a custom hanger for the exhaust for like $40, but I'm
annoyed that Uhaul made this necessary.

In other words, it does the job in a pinch, but I really hope that
there are better options.

Ben Pearre     1990 200TQA "Hyatt"        http://hebb.mit.edu/~ben 

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