Timing belt align to rotor problem.

Denis sparkplugvw at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 30 14:59:05 EST 2004

  The car was running bad, more everyday.

  -Hard cold and hot starting
  -Lower power
  -Low economy on fuel

  -First i wanted to investigate the fuel system (that time i did not know the timing belt has jumped couple teeth)
  I needed to wire a Check engine light.
  Then first i retrieved the fault code witch was knock sensor connector. Fixed.
  I got system pressure to low: 62 psi, far away from 88-90psi
  And did couple other things.

  One day  the car did not want to start anymore.
  The timing belt finally jumped the last tooth to keep it running.
  I putted back 1 or teeth to make it work propelly(at least to get back home.I was 350km away)

  Since that day i m investigating the timing belt and related timing problem, witch is the distr rotor 180 degres away.

  After couple tried for timing belt adj. it works pretty good but not at the marks at all.
  If i align all marks, the car wont start, i need to back 3 teeth.

  I ll check the distributor gear today.

  After that ,by the way, i checked the DPR Ohm, its only 17.4 Ohms, suppose to be around 1000Ohms.


  What is the story with the fuel system?  new pump, new fuel lines
  Fuel pump pressure?62psi
  Fuel pump delivery? did not check yet.
  Fuel pressure regulator? might not good

  I still cannot figure out the relationship between your fuel problem and
  this timing problem.
  The fuel problem was there but i can run the car. The timing problem was there too but i did known.The timing gone bad enought to stuck the car for 3 days before i found it skipped couple teeth.
  So i first putted my energy to fixe the timing problem before the fuel problems.

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    Maybe, the distributor shaft jumped gears or something. Who the hell knows.
    You got one weird puppy there.

    If it was me, I would remove the distributor and check it out thoroughly.
    I dont know how to check the gearing inside the head or the block. Somebody
    else has to chime in on this.
    I think the distrubutor end has a slot or groove that mates with the slot or
    groove inside the engine. Maybe these are rounded off? The distributor end
    is not fully engaging into the gear? Take some measurements and see what you

    If I recall correctly, to remove the distributor, I ground off the rivet on
    the dist clamp with a dremel grinding disc. It wasnt hard to do.

    What is the story with the fuel system?
    Fuel pump pressure?
    Fuel pump delivery?
    Fuel pressure regulator?

    I still cannot figure out the relationship between your fuel problem and
    this timing problem.
    Maybe you were having a slowly worsening fuel problem for a long time. And
    this timing problem occured very quickly and very recently. Maybe all that
    cranking caused by your fuel problem had something to do with the
    distributor being 180 degrees out?



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      I just changed the timing belt.

      From Bentley book, when all marks (flywheel 0 and cam sprocket to gasket
    cover) the rotor must indicate the first cylnder or in another words it
    indicate the opposite of the distr connector.
      Mine indicate the distr connector.

      The disrt is clamped and never been unclamped.
      I have couple of those distr. and all are the same.
      Everything on the car was there when i bought it.
      Crank pulley and cam sprocket have them key to prevent turning on the
    shaft. So that way nothing can twist.

      So what s wrong ?

      My engine is not special!!! it must be something wrong somewhere!!

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        You have something screwey going on.

        With timing marks all properly aligned, take a look at the distributor.
        The rotor must be aligned with the notch in the edge of the distributor
        body. (On theBentley book that position is the cylinder 1, mine is 5 !!)
        Now position the distributor cap on the distributor body. The rotor
        be lined up with the contact for #1 spark plug.(I unplugged all of them
    and plugged the cyl 1 to the rotor first position and so on for the others.I
    tried to start and it was weird)
        The plug wire from this contact should go to #1 plug.
        Who the hell knows, maybe you have the wrong cap or something. Or the
        has been mounted backwards or something.(My spare cap is identical)

        When you change the valve timing, you are also changing the distributor
        Moving the camshaft also moves the distributor shaft. The two are linked
        together by gears.(yes)
        The piston is at top dead center, but the plug wont fire because the
        distributor rotor has turned and the rotor aint pointing at the #1
        anymore.(Yes, it ll fire couple degres before the TDC)

        If you are going to fart around with the valve timing, then you need to
        the spark timing correct by turning the distributor so the rotor lines
        with the distributor body notch. To do this, you need to grind off that
        rivet on the distributor lock down clamp.

        How it possible the rotor got 180 turned if it still clamp there by Audi


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