2.7 versus 4.2 A6????

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri Dec 31 14:58:30 EST 2004

At 11:49 AM -0700 12/31/04, Eric Langheinrich wrote:
>I'm looking to replace my current 2.8 A6 with either a 2.7T or a 
>4.2. Is there a good reason to go one way or the other?

The V8 is simpler, more reliable, and makes more power/torque out of 
the box; it also has a front end which, to many, looks far better 
than the 2.8/2.7t, but makes body panels more expensive since it's 
unique.  It is not available with a manual transmission, at least in 
the US/Canada; the 2.7t can be had with a 6-speed and they're not 
that hard to find.

There are few to no performance upgrades for the V8; a chip will 
bring the 2.7 up to similar power levels or better, and quite a bit 
more power can be had with even more $$$.

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