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Fri Dec 31 19:07:46 EST 2004

YES!!!! get them at DADS auto dismantling they are in cali and the
"used" shields will be like new.....(no east coast salt to eatem

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Subject: Arrgghh! 84 4ksq, Not finding splash shields!...
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Hello all,

And sincere best wishes for the coming year.  My son lost a ball joint
(and axle) on my 84 4ksq last week.  I managed to fix the vehicle over
the past two days (on mandatory vacation from work…first time in my
career!).  Losing the ball joint/axle also mangled the mildly
rusted-out splash guard mounted on the strut housing.  I've just
wasted about twenty minutes trying to source the part online. 
Apparently New Years Eve day is not a good time to be calling around
;-) Does anyone know where I can order a pair of these things without
having to wait until Monday (to order online)? TIA


George Butler
84 4ksq
88 5ksq

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