type44 steering rack--who's cheap?

Kurt W. Deschler desch at WPI.EDU
Sun Feb 1 00:25:38 EST 2004

I went with Meridian (rack + pump). Don't remember the exact price, but it
was the best price I could find (last year). I think they stock genuine ZF


	87 5kcstq

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> Subject: type44 steering rack--who's cheap?
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> It's looking like my '87 5kcstq's steering rack has a minor leak. I'm gonna
> nurse it w/frequent fluid checks/fills for as long as possible, but the
> inevitable looms.
> Any listers recommend a supplier for new/rebuilt racks; good quality and
> price?
> t.i.a.
> PS: the current rack is a rebuilt unit, about 4 years old. Is that a good or
> bad lifespan for a rebuilt rack?

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