cis residua; pressure

Brendan Walsh bkwalsh4201 at
Sun Feb 1 16:28:14 EST 2004

Should be an easy one..
After another unsuccessful attempt to get the coupe to start and idle on 
it's own. i got the bright idea to see if there was any residual pressure 
left in the system after apporx 12hrs. answer-none. Question is should there 
be and of so how much? I would think some which leads me to believe i need 
new injectors or the fpr need adjusting since the fuel pump and check valve 
are new.
The car would start on it's own very shortly after running, ie 1-2 minutes. 
after that it needed a shot of carb cleaner to get going again and still no 
idle. I'm going to try and switch bak to the original distributor and air 
plate from the cis sys when i do the new injectors. I'll need to locate a 
set of fuel lines from the old sys, any body got one fs?


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