Fuel Distributor Connectors

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Although it seems sorta dangerous with fuel bubbling out over the fuel dist... the test seems ok and nothing happened anyway. I really doubt the banjo bolts have anything in there that can control fuel flow like that. You can always make sure by unscrewing the banjo bolt and testing. Better yet, reconnect the injector lines (easy on those banjo bolts cuz they snap easy, and you ought to get new washers for all the lines you remove.. at least when you close it all up). You know there's some problem upstream, so it'll just be safer w/ the lines connected. Did you check for proper fuel flow after the fuel filter to fuel dist line? If it seems like a good amount of flow, then I'd suspect junk stuck in the fuel pressure regulator which is inside the fuel dist. under the line that comes from the fuel filter in most CIS cars... Some later NA cars have an outboard fuel press. reg. and I'd check the lines going to and from in that case. If everything seems clear, the fuel pressure reg. just might be stuck or the spring broken or something. If that seems fine, there might be some junk in the fuel dist. In that case, I'd double check you've done everything right, cuz you'll have no choice but to replace the dist.... There's no serviceable parts in there except maybe for the pressure reg. Good luck.


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Previously, in testing the fuel distributor and metering system I'd done the following:

Disconnect an injector line from the top of the distributor
Lift the air flow plate
Operate the fuel pump

At this point, since no fuel came out from the fuel distributor it was concluded that this was the failure point.

I'm wondering if the bolts that connect the injector lines aren't perhaps a special design that don't permit fuel to flow unless the lines themselves are connected...Does anyone know if this is the case or if this test seems valid?

Incidentally I've tested and there is fuel flowing both from the pump and back to the pump via the return line when the pump is activated.  Has not been pressure tested yet.



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