1987 5000 TQ Brake Warning light

Nick nicksaballa917 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 1 20:59:15 EST 2004

I own a 1987 5000CSTQ. I have had problems lately with
the warning light soming on when i brake. I have
filled all the fluids to the max line. The problem is
that when i push down on the pedal with a good amount
of force, i feel a pulsing and the warning light will
come on. What could be the cause and how difficult
would it be to fix?

Another problem with the same car i noticed today
while listening under the hood. At approximately 2400
rpm...and at exactly this point, there is a
grinding/shaking noise the comes from (it sounds like)
somehwere near the transmission. My car is a manual.
What could cause such a sound at a specific rpm? 

Thanks for the help.


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