Fuel Distributor Connectors

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You proobly did this, but always test the flow after the fuel filter, b/c they can get blocked or at least impede flow if they get any junk or varnish from the fuel tank. If you don't know the age of the filter, change it. 

So the engine is running? What's the problem you're trying to fix??? If there's no flow after the dist., then you're not testing it right. To test the system, you need to jumper the fuel pump relay w/ a wire or fuse and then you also need to raise the airflow meter arm to make the fuel flow. Do this w/ the injectors connected. You can pull the injectors out of the head and monitor the fuel spray pattern into a glass jar. You can also check if they leak when the airflow meter is closed. I'm not sure what you're trying to track down, but if the engine is running but not great, the problem is not likely in the fuel dist, unless you've tested EVERYTHING else. Start w/ the simple (and cheaper) explanations then move on to the difficult areas. 


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Now that I think about it, what I was noticing was the washer...I was
wondering if possibly they press on something underneath that make the fuel
flow.  Nothing came out of the distributor when a bolt was completely
unscrewed but when partially loosened it leaked a little bit of fluid (not
the quantity you'd expect for that kind of pressure though)...

There is a good amount of flow both both from the pump and returning to the
pump.  The distributor has a healthy supply of fuel from 2
perspectives...one, the cold start valve has enough fuel supply to make the
engine idle and even rev up to 2000 rpm if it is supplied a constant
voltage.  Also, when the diff pressure regulator is removed from the side of
the distributor it clearly is pressurized as fuel sprays 6 feet ...

Someone on the board suggested that the distributor might be filled with gas
gone bad (varnished) and thus the float stuck and I should spray carb
cleaner in to tyr and remove it.  This hasn't helped so far.

The fuel pressure regulator appears to be outside...a separate
unit...someone mentioned that it has one of those 'hidden' screws to adjust
the pressure (akin to the mixture screw).  I haven't been able to see it

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