re. 100Q finally started:bad distributor plate.

Ben Swann benswann at
Mon Feb 2 09:57:54 EST 2004


There is no proper way to retrofit the distributor for 5000T/TQ as these are CIS and the one you have is CIS-E.  It could perhaps be done, but your best bet is to find a good CIS-E3 distributor, and save yourself the pain and agony of a retrofit.

You may be able to pull the metering head off and clean things up - do with great cat and don't drop the plunger!


[It seems the distributor plate is not working well, it jamme at different level, that cause not meatering the fuel so no fuel go to injectors.

After it run more than 10 sec, the time i got off the car, and play with the plate trought the air filter it ran ok.

If i touch the accelerator pedal  the engine dont go back to idle seed, and speed to fast until i play again with the distr plate.


I m looking at my older distr from 5000T and 5000TQ unit if any way to fit it.

Any advices ?]

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