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Iirc they are standard banjo bolts. Therefore fuel should still flow.

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When metering plate is lifted, you should have fuel spewing out the top and
great gushes of fire hazard.  If not, then something is blocking fuel flow
to the injector lines and your trouble is definately in the metering head.
You did a valid test - It may have been safer and saner to pull the
injectors, but this did narrow the problem.

Did you experience resistance when air flow plate lifted, or did it rise
with a slight amount of force?  


[Previously, in testing the fuel distributor and metering system I'd done
the following:

Disconnect an injector line from the top of the distributor
Lift the air flow plate
Operate the fuel pump

At this point, since no fuel came out from the fuel distributor it was
concluded that this was the failure point.

I'm wondering if the bolts that connect the injector lines aren't perhaps a
special design that don't permit fuel to flow unless the lines themselves
are connected...Does anyone know if this is the case or if this test seems

Incidentally I've tested and there is fuel flowing both from the pump and
back to the pump via the return line when the pump is activated.  Has not
been pressure tested yet.

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