re. Fuel Distributor Connectors

Kurt W. Deschler desch at WPI.EDU
Mon Feb 2 11:26:38 EST 2004

Try hooking up one of the injectors to the CSV port and see if you can
hear that cylinder fire. That may confirm if the system pressure is high
enough to open the CIS injector. Even better would be to get an extra
injector and watch it. It could save you from having to get a fuel
pressure guage.


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> Plate rises and falls with slight amount of force.  I've previously
> measured the resistance across the potentiometer during idle and this
> confirms that the plate is rising.
> There are bolts in the side of the fuel distributor near the top.  When
> these are pulled, there is gasoline.  I would have guessed that these
> led to the upper chamber but since there's gasoline there but none
> coming from the nozzles, these bolts must lead to the lower chamber?
> The next scheduled investigations include: pulling the connections to
> and from the fuel pressure regulator, confirming that there's flow and
> trying to gauge if the pressure is high enough (maybe trying to stop the
> flow with my thumb?) measuring resistance across diff pressure regulator
> (its been suggested it should measure 200 ohms at rest ) restarting car
> to run on cold start valve, with ammeter in line with diff pressure
> regulator, and measuring current...try to keep car running on cold start
> valve until it reaches normal operating temperature and seeing if this
> changes anything...Anyone know if the cold start valve is designed to
> operate continuously for 20 minutes without burning out?
> I'm hoping that these investigations will tell me whether my next step
> is to replace a) fuel pressure regulator (I'd heard there was an
> adjustment on them but I can't find it) b) diff pressure regulator c)
> fuel distributor and air metering unit
> Marc

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