87 Audi 5000 won't run--Timing belt

Kurt W. Deschler desch at WPI.EDU
Mon Feb 2 12:31:41 EST 2004

That confirmed my suspicion. I can't answer whether your 5k is
interference engine or not (cam timing slip would cause damage). There
were many posts on this a couple weeks ago. I'm sure the experts will
chime in. What I can tell you is that normal timing belt RR is belt, crank
seal, cam seal, water pump, pump O-ring and fan belts. At minimum, you
will need the belt and O-ring. If you can't find the parts locally, I
recommend www.autopartsworld.com. You can get this stuff from them in a
couple days with normal shipping. I have an extra pump O-ring if you need
one today and live in Massachusetts. Good luck.


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> I asked him whether he actually looked at the timing belt ... ? !!!
> He now calls me and tells me it is not broken, but it has not teeth!  A
> $20 item and three days later .....
> I'll give you all an update as we'll get one when I drive him to work
> today.  What happens with that assume words?  ;-)
> Thanks - I hope that takes care of it!
> Cheers, CAt ^. .^ ~
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