Dyno results: 2.6 liter short block

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Humm, not nearly as good as I was hoping. 

"Horsepower Results - 1/4 Mile Method

Your Coupe GT weighs about 2500 pounds and can complete a 1/4 mile in about 16.3 seconds. That means that you've got about 114.09 HP at the wheels, and about 148.32 HP at the flywheel."

from that site, it looks like with 114whp to motivate a 2,500# car, we are looking at a 1/4 mile time of 16.3 seconds. Does that seem slow to anybody else? Any Javid's estimate of 7 seconds to 60 now seems a bit optimistic. or is this calculator WAY off?

87.5 CGT 2.3
SE Virginia
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Try fiddleing with the time till you hit the estimated hp #.

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> What happened to the pic of the dyno plot? It's 404... And this interests
me a LOT, I've always wanted a bit more power in my CGT and $$ for a proper
turbo swap is not available right now. Anybody willing to speculate on what
the 0-60 and/or 1/4 mile times would be like if this engine were in a
roughly 2,500# FWD Coupe GT?
> Dave
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> Hello listers,
> Thanks to a failed flow test (and plenty of encouragement from Javad), I
> recently committed to replacing the 2.3 liter engine in my '90 80q with
> a 2.6 liter short block (rated at 146hp according to Eurospec).  As
> expected, this was a bolt-on upgrade.  The goal of this project was to
> have a car with a bit more power and some extra low-end torque without
> some of the complexities and costs of a turbo conversion.
> After two tuning sessions at the dyno with Javad, I have some results to
> share:
> http://www.80tq.com/images/ChrisDarringerDyno.JPG
> Here are some interesting notes from the test:
> (1) Max power at the wheels is 114.2 hp and max torque is 122.4.  If you
> make the (overly-simplified) assumption that hp and torque are 25%
> higher at the crank, then we are looking at around 143 hp and 153 lbs of
> torque.  This is a bit lower than I expected, given the original
> Eurospec rating.  I should also point out that a basic amount of head
> porting was done, and the BlauSport 272 cam was installed too.
> (2) Over 90% of the torque is available at 2k rpm, and the curve seems
> relatively flat through the whole rpm band.  This is a noticeable
> improvement over the original 2.3 block.
> (3) The air/fuel ratio starts out fine but approaches 12 as rpms
> increase.  According to the guys at ATP, 13.5 to 14 is ideal for
> normally aspirated cars, so mine appears to be running rich.  This was a
> surprise, since one of the biggest concerns about this conversion was
> that CIS would not be able to fuel the slightly larger engine at high
> rpms.  Javad attempted to lean out the engine by adjusting the CO
> (values from 0 to 11mA were tried) but this appeared to have no
> significant effect at high rpms.
> Special thanks to Javad for his continuous help, M&M AutoHouse in
> Cambell for their enthusiasm and excellent customer service, and Chris
> at Force5auto for answering my tedious phone questions over the
> holidays.
> As always, your questions, comments or suggestions would be appreciated!
> Chris
> '90 80q 2.6
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2002 Jetta 1.8T (hers)
1993 RX-7 R1 (weekend play toy, soon to be for sale)
1987 CGT Special Build 2.3
in Virginia Beach, VA.

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