No start WAS: Fuel Distributor Connectors

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Mon Feb 2 13:39:47 EST 2004

I have no real correct answer to what it does except equallize pressure.
When mine went it was from a slow clogging which became intermittent.
Totally disabled the car.  If I could drive it back to MA from FLA I could do 
no more than 25MPH and the raw fuel backfires melted the rear bumper cover.
Swapping that two screw thingy SOLVED the issue and was ALARMINGLY a night an 
day difference.

Only info I could find was in a Bosch CIS book about it. (had no Bentley) and 
the first  one in the junk yard was BAD.
Cross references ared VW 5 cylinder ones.
I have NO idea if one from a 4cyl works in a 5cyl.
so go for a direct match.
HTH - Scott by BOSTON

> Headed outside right now log book in hand to check and following as many 
> suggestions from this group as I can...first thing is to measure for your 200 
> ohms.
> Question: I was under the impression that the Differential Pressure 
> Regulator (the two screw gizmo) was an auxillary control for fine tuning the amount 
> of fuel to the injectors, and not a main control that would cause zero fuel to 
> the injectors.  I think I read that even with total failure of the diff 
> pressure regulator you'd be still running on what was designed as "limp home 
> mode" ...

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