Oxygen sensor tap

Tom Leppke-Hennig printhead at usinternet.com
Mon Feb 2 15:10:56 EST 2004

Ok, granted, maybe a tap is not needed to chase threads, but the question 
was "what size thread is it?" I did not know that the old Ford skarp
klubs were that same thread size, but now that you mention it, yeah,
those things were huge. I guess that explains why a spark-plug thread
chaser was doing the job for somebody.

Re: Why I special ordered a tap: Harbor Frieght isn't really considered a 
legitimate tool supplier. I would never have checked there. I have had
enough busted Chinese crap for one lifetime.

Special ordering it was really no problem. About three days and $30.00.
All taps in the larger sizes cost that much.

Tom LH

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