central locking problems- '93 90q

a4kcstq at comcast.net a4kcstq at comcast.net
Mon Feb 2 16:17:09 EST 2004

I'm posting this on behalf of a friend.  Please email me (or the list) if you have any inputs...  Thanks.

I've got a problem with the central locking system. the car is a 1993 90 quattro.
Issue #1- when i push the barrel for the trunk lid, it actuates the central locking system therefore locking the entire car when i don't want it to. 

Issue #2- when I lock the doors via drivers door, all doors/locks lock  but alarm is not activated. also, i am not able to unlock the car via the drivers door or the trunk.  i have to unlock the car by using the passenger side door.  The alarm is not an issue for me but the locks are.

Has anyone had this or a similar issue(s)?  If so, what was the remedy?

-Peter Lines

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