wet spark plug - dead spark plug?

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Feb 2 16:28:03 EST 2004

At 3:59 PM -0500 2/2/04, Konstantin Bogach wrote:
>Couple month ago there was a thread about wet (gas)  spark plug and 
>several people said that spark plug is no good if was wet.

No, something in the ignition system(not necessarily the plug) is bad 
if the plug is wet, because no ignition was occurring.  Super rich 
running will also cause this, but we're talking very rich...

>  In my case I got whole spark plug in oil.   It is F5DPOR - $12 a 
>piece chippest

You mean you dropped it in oil?  If so, yeah, just clean it, let it 
dry and reinstall.  Double check the gap in case you dropped it on 
the tip.

If it came out of the engine covered in oil, you've got a serious 
problem and $12 spark plugs are the least of your worries.  On the 
20vt, oil on the top half of the plug means you have a valve cover 
gasket leak; a flashlight will confirm that easily...

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