wet spark plug - dead spark plug?

Konstantin Bogach konstantin.bogach at morganstanley.com
Mon Feb 2 17:20:36 EST 2004

Sorry,  I probably was not clear:  I remember a post saying that after 
being wet the spark plug never worked properly again.  The original 
problem - why plug got wet - was fixed.  The plug was reported never 
worked properly after that.  Even after cleaning and baking.  And it 
sounded like not just one plug observation but more as a rule.  That's 
why I decided to ask.  
My plugs are in oil because of loosened spark plug and bad gasket.
So,  I can clean plugs in degreaser and use them,  can't I?  No baking 
required?  If required,  what temperature and time?

Thanks you.

>>> Hi.
>>> Couple month ago there was a thread about wet (gas)  spark plug and 
>>> several people said that spark plug is no good if was wet.
> No, something in the ignition system(not necessarily the plug) is bad 
> if the plug is wet, because no ignition was occurring.  Super rich 
> running will also cause this, but we're talking very rich...
>>>  In my case I got whole spark plug in oil.   It is F5DPOR - $12 a 
>>> piece chippest
> You mean you dropped it in oil?  If so, yeah, just clean it, let it 
> dry and reinstall.  Double check the gap in case you dropped it on the 
> tip.
> If it came out of the engine covered in oil, you've got a serious 
> problem and $12 spark plugs are the least of your worries.  On the 
> 20vt, oil on the top half of the plug means you have a valve cover 
> gasket leak; a flashlight will confirm that easily...
> Brett

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