Wastegate question...

Gerard gerard at poboxes.com
Mon Feb 2 18:42:58 EST 2004


I received 2 wastegates from the USA last week. Both apparently from
Audi 5Kt cars. One was in perfect condition, the other's internals are
shot to hell. All rusted apart, not a single perch left in sight, a
complete rip off. But it can be repaired by making new spring seats.

I have some questions about this wastegate though. Looks like any other
5Kt gate, but the part number ends in "A 1" and the other in "A". The
pressure line connection point on the lower half of the wastegate cap is
also slightly different. The upper pressure feed line to the upper half
o the cap lacks barbs. Any idea what this came off?

The other 2 major differences is that the upper spring perch does not
have a bolt holding it in place, I actually had to remove the little
cover on the top of the gate in order to expose a small allen key
fitting. The last major difference is the spring; the one out of this
gate is of thicker wire and about an inch taller. Looks like one for
much more boost.

Any ideas what this is off? I can send some pics if necessary.

Damn eBay seller buggers me on this one, but at least have new perches
machined won't be pricey at all.


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