cis distributor fittings

Brendan Walsh bkwalsh4201 at
Mon Feb 2 19:10:40 EST 2004

the cis-e uses a banjo type fitting, where the e3 uses a screw in type, kind 
of like the connection for your cable box, only for plumbing, unless... oh 
do i feel sheepish, i would bet the thread in the distributor for the screw 
in the cis-e banjo fitting is the same as in the cis-e3 fuel lines that 
would mean all i need it the cold start line since it goes to a different 
spot on the distributor. Maybe one of you fortunate multi platform car 
owners could tell me...


    From: Eric Sanborn <eric_audi.ql at>
To: "Brendan K. Walsh" <bkwalsh4201 at>
Subject: Re: cis residua; pressure
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 18:15:32 -0500

Brendan K. Walsh wrote:

    which car? an 87.5 or a regular 87? I' looking for the regular cis set, 
going back to the original distributor since the cis-e dpr won't run the e3
distributor.  just in case i confused you...

For 5 cylinder stuff I have most of a set of CIS lines off a '85 turbo (only 
missing the cold start valve).  I also have 2 or 3 lines from a CIS-E off a 
'85 4k.  I also have the complete distrubutor off this car.

Can you not reuse the fuel lines off the CIS-III distributor?  My 4ktq has 
lines off a VW GTI because they fit my needs better.  As far as I know they 
are all interchangable, just maybe different lengths and bends.  Order does 
not matter as far as which port goes to which cylinder, they all spray all 
the time anyway.

Eric Sanborn
'85 4ktq

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