Dyno results: 2.6 liter short block

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Mon Feb 2 19:34:47 EST 2004

I've driven the car, felt like it could do a 0-60 in the "7 second range", 
Chris will have to bring it down to Dubar this summer and see what it can do.

We had both our cars at Laguna Seca this weekend (well, my beater street 
Coupe Quattro 20v), both cars seemed pretty evenly powered, I'll let Chris comment 
whether he thought differently since I didn't get a chance to ride with him, 
but riding with me he mentioned as much.

Honestly, if you're looking for a bolt in, factory replacemet for power, the 
2.6 is pretty much your only option, this was a modification that any shop 
that works on Audi's could have done, there was literally no customization 

For someone like Chris who doesn't want to be constatnly tinkering on the 
car, turbo conversions and the such are sort of out of the question, so please 
take that into account when considering an upgrade like this.  Any 2.2 with 6psi 
will make more power and torque than a 2.6 NA motor.

That formula doesn't really add up for a 400hp 800TQ Diesel dualley that does 
11 sec. quarter miles, but seems a pretty good estimation for your average 
gas motored vehicle.

Javad (spelled Javad ;)

In a message dated 2/2/2004 9:42:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
duandcc_forums at cox.net writes:
Humm, not nearly as good as I was hoping. 

"Horsepower Results - 1/4 Mile Method

Your Coupe GT weighs about 2500 pounds and can complete a 1/4 mile in about 
16.3 seconds. That means that you've got about 114.09 HP at the wheels, and 
about 148.32 HP at the flywheel."

from that site, it looks like with 114whp to motivate a 2,500# car, we are 
looking at a 1/4 mile time of 16.3 seconds. Does that seem slow to anybody else? 
Any Javid's estimate of 7 seconds to 60 now seems a bit optimistic. or is 
this calculator WAY off?

87.5 CGT 2.3
SE Virginia

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