Pics From AudiClub Laguna and Eurospec Open House

JShadzi at JShadzi at
Mon Feb 2 21:31:38 EST 2004

Well, before the Audi Club Laguna Seca Event this weekend, Eurospec Sport had 
an open house to show off the collection of race cars, etc. It was nice to be 
back to see the cars again (I worked there for 3 years) and I snapped some 
pics for ya'll to enjoy. 

Steve (the owner) also brought the 2 TransAm cars out to the track, the sound 
was amazing as usual, the cars would spin all 4 tires coming out of turn 11 
from 2nd to 4th gear, each shift talking about a second becuase of the 
lightening fast rev of the 10v race motor: 

(Notes: Notice the cooling passages below both the intake and exh. ports, 
these channel cold coolant around the comb. chamber directly, see machined 
coolant passages in both the block and head, another reason for the tiny bore) 

Pics from Laguna (PS, few notes, that's me with my beater red Coupe that I 
terrorized S4tt's with =)

Anyhoo, enjoy


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