3 Replacing Fuel Distributor and Pressure Regulator

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Good question.  Without a Bentley (or Bosch) book for your year I don't know 
what the CIS-E III DPR value should be.
I got a value scrawled on scrap paper and was told: "check for this value" 
that was for CIS-E 1987 4000Q 2.2L 5cyl.
Salvage ones I checked had higher than ~200 ohms and climbed towards 
infinity: "Open circuit"  those were "bad."
One with a rock steady value was what I bought from the junk yard and it made 
all the difference.  The one I used came from a VW quantum.

Anyone know the CIS -E lll value for the DPR should be?  Vehicle is a 100.
-Scott by BOSTON

> I measured the resistance across the two poles of the differential pressure 
> regulator as you suggested.
> You suggested that it should measure 200 ohms.  Mine measures 18 ohms.  Yes 
> my meter is on the correct scale...on the Rx1 scale I read it as 18 ohms.  On 
> the Rx10 its about 2 or close to 20 ohms.
> Are you sure that you's is 200 ohms and not 20?
> Are you sure that resistance is a reliable measure of whether its good or 
> not?
> Your system, the 87 4000 is a CIS-E.  Mine is a CIS-E-III.  Perhaps their 
> resistances differ?
> Marc

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