Pics From AudiClub Laguna and Eurospec Open House

Mike Veglia msvphoto at
Mon Feb 2 23:29:31 EST 2004

Javad's report pretty much says it all, "amazing as usual" pretty much 
says it all. I thanked Steve for bringing back the memories of that 
great 1988 season. It was a real treat and I really appreceate Steve 
bringing those cars out to run. The sounds were incredible.

I thought that looked like you (Javad) in the red Coupe Q. Yes, you were 
extracting everything possible from that car, and maybe more. Thank you 
for sharing the shots Javad! I'll get mine edited (I hope soon...I have 
to go through almost 1500 images from the two days) and up on my site 
soon--by the end of the week anyway. There are some nice ones of both 
the TA 200q cars on track. Thank goodness the weather (sorta) 
was a downpour here this morning.

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