Exhaust manifold on 80q...

Rand Soper orsopers at comcast.net
Tue Feb 3 01:11:53 EST 2004

I was wondering if there was any way to remove/replace the exhaust manifold
on an '88 80q without pulling the motor?   Can you get to it if you remove
the intake manifold?  Could you remove the passenger front fender and get to
it?  I can't even see it really from the top or underneath.  I want to
remove it because it has an exhaust leak (ticking sound) that goes away when
everything warms up.  I would like to remove the manifold and check it for
warpage and replace the gaskets.  I have pretty much gotten rid of all the
annoying noises like the nasty lifter tick and the blown out muffler noise.
It is now nice and quiet except for the exhaust leak and while it goes away
after 1/2 mile or so it has been getting a little worse and it would be nice
to fix it.


Rand Soper
'88 80q

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