No start WAS: Fuel Distributor Connectors

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Correct. - it electronically enrichins or enleans the mixture.  Extra enrichment at startup with respect to the thermo sendor/coolant temp sensor.  CIS-EIII feature is 0ma current required for Stoic(nominal CO adjusting point). with +10 ma swing to rich and -10ma swing to lean.  This means should electrical failure occur engine will operate with fuel mixture in range of nominal setting.

Note coolant temp sensor is two NTC resistors in one housing both leads with respect to ground - Resistance curve about 5500 ohm at 0C(32F), 2500ohm at 20C(68F), 170 ohm at 100C(212F).



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Headed outside right now log book in hand to check and following as many suggestions from this group as I can...first thing is to measure for your 200 ohms.

Question: I was under the impression that the Differential Pressure Regulator (the two screw gizmo) was an auxillary control for fine tuning the amount of fuel to the injectors, and not a main control that would cause zero fuel to the injectors.  I think I read that even with total failure of the diff pressure regulator you'd be still running on what was designed as "limp home mode" ...


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