Replacing Fuel Distributor and Pressure Regulator

Ben Swann benswann at
Tue Feb 3 04:01:10 EST 2004


I don't recall seeing any reference to testing the DPR for resistance - I'd be interested to know which manual shows this test.

The tests I've seen are putting a multimeter in series with DPR conector to measure current.

In general DPR current will be 10ma (-10 -+10ma) and will switch to 100 ma with throttle switch open.  And up to around 160ma when very cold - eg. cool tem sensor measuring 10k ohm upwards.

I will check a few of my DPRs in the later AM to see what resistance they have. Again the DPRs are the same for CIS-E and EIII - just different current range is used for control - larger range for CIS-EIII.

[I measured the resistance across the two poles of the differential pressure regulator as you suggested.

You suggested that it should measure 200 ohms.  Mine measures 18 ohms.  Yes my meter is on the correct scale...on the Rx1 scale I read it as 18 ohms.  On the Rx10 its about 2 or close to 20 ohms.

Are you sure that you's is 200 ohms and not 20?
Are you sure that resistance is a reliable measure of whether its good or not?
Your system, the 87 4000 is a CIS-E.  Mine is a CIS-E-III.  Perhaps their resistances differ?


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