Pics From AudiClub Laguna and Eurospec Open House

Robert Mangas porter_t_dog at
Tue Feb 3 07:34:29 EST 2004

Great shots; love the one of the magnesium tranny.  Wow.

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>Subject: Pics From AudiClub Laguna and Eurospec Open House
>Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 21:31:32 EST
>Well, before the Audi Club Laguna Seca Event this weekend, Eurospec Sport 
>an open house to show off the collection of race cars, etc. It was nice to 
>back to see the cars again (I worked there for 3 years) and I snapped some
>pics for ya'll to enjoy.
>Steve (the owner) also brought the 2 TransAm cars out to the track, the 
>was amazing as usual, the cars would spin all 4 tires coming out of turn 11
>from 2nd to 4th gear, each shift talking about a second becuase of the
>lightening fast rev of the 10v race motor:
>(Notes: Notice the cooling passages below both the intake and exh. ports,
>these channel cold coolant around the comb. chamber directly, see machined
>coolant passages in both the block and head, another reason for the tiny 
>Pics from Laguna (PS, few notes, that's me with my beater red Coupe that I
>terrorized S4tt's with =)
>Anyhoo, enjoy
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