Exhaust manifold on 80q...

Alan Pritchard apritchard at seaeye.com
Tue Feb 3 07:35:45 EST 2004

Easy peasy. 
To make the job easier.... Pull the rad and the middle section. I recommend
Remove the inlet manifold and intake. To remove the inlet manifold use
socket allen bits, preferably long reach, you may need to use an extension.
It helps if you get the smallest sized drive bits you can.
Once the inlet is removed it is easier to gain access to the exhaust
manifold. Get your self some 10mm sockets and 3/8 and possibly even 9 mm.
The nuts will be corroded and you may need several different sizes. Again
with extensions and possibly even a universal joint you should be able to
remove all the nuts that hold the EM. You may want to remove the downpipe
before hand, if necessary, those bolts are tight, you may need the manifold
to be bolted to the head so you can apply suitable torque. Use a couple of
extensions with a universal joint in the middle, you can then do this from
under the car.  Also, dowse everything with a penetrating fluid before hand.
Whole job..... about 3 hours first and only time I did this on a 80 FWD. 

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Rand Soper wrote:

>I was wondering if there was any way to remove/replace the exhaust manifold
>on an '88 80q without pulling the motor?   

I have never worked on an 80 so I can not speak from direct experence.  
However it is theoretically possible to do it on a 4kq.  I say 
theoretically, because by the end of the project you might wish you had 
pulled the motor.  Unless you are really good I would think you would 
have to remove the intake manifold.  Before you go to all that I would 
recommend checking the exhaust tube that is used for checking the CO.  
They often rust and cause an exhaust leak.  Mine had this problem when I 
first got it.  You description does sound more like a crack however.

Good luck.

Eric Sanborn
'85 4ktq


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