Differential Pressure Regulator - just the facts

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I am only reporting what is printed in a factory  Audi Service Training
manual for CIS-E3/2.3l
engines.  I think the part no. changes more to reflect year rather than
actual major differences in the part.  I found one cis-e DPR with the same
part no. as on the CIS-EIII's I checked.

Here is what the manual says. "The regulator and its operation is the same
as used on CIS-E fuel injection.  The operating range during closed loop or
oxygen sensor regulation has, however, been changed.  The operating range is
now +10mA to -10mA.  The nominal CO adjusting point is now 0mA.  This helps
to insure better engine operation if an electrical failure should occur by
providing a fuel mixture which is in the range of the nominal setting."

I did check resistance for several(6), incl. cis-e, cis-e3and resistance
typically between 18 and 22 ohm.

Just reporting my findings - you may interpret them as you like.

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> They're not the same part, since the CISE3 fluctuates around 0mA while the
> CISE does it around 10mA.
> Cheers,
> Brady
> Urq, 4kq, Z
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> I assume we are referring to the Differential Pressure Regulator.
> The CIS-E unit can be exchanged with CIS-EIII as they are the same part
> least according to CIS-EIII Factory Service Training manual).
> Ben

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