re. 100Q finally started:bad distributor plate.

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A little grease is not going to prevent you from disingaging/reinguaging.  Nor should it prevent the car from getting underway, especially in the lower gears.  Grease on the clutch mechanism may be the reason that you encounter when you disassemble and find out what is going on, but should not keep the car from going.

If what you are saying, is the car does go into the gears, but clutch begins to slip when accelerating, especially in higher gears, then grease may be causing slippage.

I once did an engine swap in a Scirocco incl. new clutch and  PP.  Had to pull the tranny because clutch was slipping. Turns out I went a little overboard with the white lithium grease on the throwout bearing assembly and centrifugal force did the rest.  Some brake cleaner, kept things under control for sometime, but I could never really apply the power in higher gears without the tach taking off when the car didn't.

A clutch test I've used for years, particularly when buying a car - put parking brake on, transmission in 4'th.  Rev engine to 3500 and let the clutch out slowly.  A good clutch will stall the engine.  A bad clutch will slip, at least for sometime before the engine stalls out.  YMMV.

p.s. list in copy as this is not a repeat of prior post and far more knowledge than I have.
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  Ok i see.

  Ok ll check the PP and flywheel before do anything. 

  If it s ok ,,,mmmm, i really dont know why it s not engaging... before the swap every thing was ok.

  5000TQ engine with his tranny..... then swapped the tranny to the 2.3 engine on my 100Q 1989, with the clutch, PP and flywheel from the 5000TQ. Only the engine is different from the old setup.

  So why ( i m asking to myself) it did not want to engage,, and slip alot...  grease on it ? wrong side clutch !!! it cant be. , new realease bearing new needle bearing... new disk... my friend told me only make it slip to make the surface identical, then the clutch ll engage. It s not suppose to take more than a minute to  do so....

  Maybe i must use the master clutch cylinder from the 5000TQ and put it in the 100Q . Master cyl swap.... maybe the clutch cyl. stay a little engage,,  was perferct there too  before swap...


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