1987 5k CSQ starting problem - long

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Feb 3 16:58:18 EST 2004

> This is a bit of long story...  my brother-in-law's 1987 5k csq has been
> giving problems for sometime now.  The symptoms are as follows:  The car
> would not start when cold or for that matter even when it is warm outside -
> the problem began in Fall when it had not become so cold here in Chicago,
> yet.  Jump starting the vehicle with another  vehicle would enable an almost
> immediate start.  I finally took it to our trusted mechanic who did the
> following 

[fixed everything]

  Repeated attempts to start the engine
> results only in draining the battery. But if it is jumped with another
> vehicle, it starts right away.  Can anyone give us a clue as to where else
> to look ?

I'd examine the quality of the major high current connections - 
battery/starter/alternator grounds, main connecting wires, and terminals.

There is a long batery cable run from the back seat to the starter, that 
has (according to my reading here) a splice in it that often develops 
some inappropriate resistance.  It's under the passenger footwell 
carpet, as I understand.

Huw Powell



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