Differential Pressure Regulator[was No start WAS: Fuel Distributor Connectors]

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Feb 3 23:17:32 EST 2004

Ben Swann wrote:

> I assume we are referring to the Differential Pressure Regulator.
> The CIS-E unit can be exchanged with CIS-EIII as they are the same
> part (at least according to CIS-EIII Factory Service Training
> manual).

When I first read this, I thought, "what is he smoking?"  They aren't 
even the same color... but luckily the discussion went on and on so I 
got to read more before jumping in.  In the absence of a quote from that 
manual, I would think it says what Ben said - that *they are the same part.*

> Again the DPRs are the same for CIS-E and EIII - just different
> current range is used for control - larger range for CIS-EIII.

OK, this time it is being asserted as a *fact*.

> I am only reporting what is printed in a factory  Audi Service
> Training manual for CIS-E3/2.3l engines.  I think the part no.
> changes more to reflect year rather than actual major differences in
> the part.  I found one cis-e DPR with the same part no. as on the
> CIS-EIII's I checked.

Still waiting for the quote.  Parts number changes to reflect a year? 
This would be the only time I can think of that they *ever* did that.

By the way, the CISE control pressure actuator is light grey and it is 
part number 026 133 482.  The CISE3 CPR is dark grey and listed in the 
FA as 034 133 482.

> I'm not trying to support what was written in the Factory Service
> manual, nor refute anything you are saying.  In other words - I don't
> know, and can only speculate.

Speculation presented as fact, would have been easier to follow had it 
simply been presented as a quote from the manual.

>> In the manual: "The regulator and its operation is the same  as used on
>> CIS-E fuel injection.  The operating range during closed loop or oxygen
>> sensor regulation has, however, been changed."

Having seen that they are almost obviously not "the same part" (by 
number and appearance, and also by technical differences in set up), I 
would read this as meaning that they *do the same thing.*

> Now imagine - I have all these engines and stuff lying about in my garage,
> in boxes, on shelves, some cars, etc.  mostly I5 stuff almost all VAG.
> Among this is a CIS-E fuel distributor from a 4000 Quattro with a DPR that
> has the same part number as found on the CIS-E3 distributors.  Don't know
> how it got there, but that is what I found.

The trouble with all this used junk we get, is that it is not 
necessarily what came on the car.  I suspect the CPA you are looking at 
was swapped in by a faulty technician.  (this would be like me thinking 
Bilsteins and H&R lowering springs came stock on some 90Q's because they 
were on one of my parts cars)

Perhaps, at least before asserting that they "can be exchanged", someone 
should at least *try* it.  Take a properly running system, of one type 
or the other, and swap in a known good CPA from the other system.  See 
if everything specs out correctly with no tweaking.  I suspect it won't.

end of diatribe...

Huw Powell



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